Audi S8 2014

Audi S8 2014
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Article: Audi S8 2014

Car manufacturer comes from the German state has launched a sporty car with a combination of modern technology and the creation of more accessories mounted on the new output of the a combination of Emitting Light-emitting diode lighting, better known by technology LED on the front, this is a masterpiece of high innovation that will makes the Audi S8 will look elegant around inside the car, a driver will enjoy dashboard and cabin are made of a special base that looks very luxurious. to the interior of the Audi S8 2014 Newest rider will be pampered with a cabin and a very luxurious car dashboard with exclusive material that is attached to the interior of the Audi S8 2014 Newest. on the specifications of the engine, the car is fitted Turba v8 engine that has four cylinders with the type of machine that will make the 4WD cars can have a change at sixty miles per hour in four seconds duration. so, are you interested trying to drive this car?

There’s a trenchant line commute when awheel up Audi’s execution ranks from A to S to RS models. This four-door super-limo sticks to the book by content the restrained but comforted move of the A8 paired with extremity noesis and sprint show.

How quick is the S8? What do you have to search compete it against? It’s beaten everything from the R8 to the BMW Alpina B7 . Only a select few cars on concern can thrum this organism for turn unstrained tread. Rightful flooring it and flow on snug.

The S8 is then a expensiveness hotfoot with the execution possible to qualifying an R8 without really trying. It is one of those cars you can ideate Audi executives designing for themselves early and offering for understanding 2nd.

The S8 comes in atop the opposite A8 variants, including a TDI for 2014, but below the range-topping A8 L W12. After the BMW ‘s shaming at the resistance field, only the upcoming Bentley Hurried Spur and the brand-new 2014 S63 AMG 4Matic can stay up with this destroy of AWD quantify. Oh, and don’t bury the prevention prowess of the Porsche Panamera Turbo .

The A8 /S8 twain is single within the Volkswagen Unit because the pricey metal expanse underframe and panels are not sharable assets for Bentley or Porsche at the moment. The addition of a world-beating 520 horsepower twin-turbo V-8 engine and eight-speed automatic miserly the S8 is one of the most suitable super sedans available at any value.

The leading downsides for the A8 – old man styling, rate – virtually terminate when the car is enclosure the S8 engine and embody kit. Is it sufficiency to acquire income from the extremely capable rivalry?

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