Introduction To Alternative Fuels
Article: Introduction To Alternative Fuels Global warming, preservation of the planet, and alternative fuels seem to be buzzwords of the new millennium. Whether they are just phrases or actual causes moving to improve the condition of the world, there is no doubt that many organizations and people are trying to find fairer, cleaner ways to live.… (0 comment)

Fuel Cell Driven Cars
Article: Fuel Cell Driven Cars At present the fuel needs of humanity is met mainly by the fossil fuel. Automobiles are run by petroleum products. Most of the electric power generation is done by petroleum derivatives. Everyday the demand on petroleum products is going up. One day the petroleum reserve will dry up. Moreover, the gases… (0 comment)

Biodiesel Car Fuel
Article: Biodiesel Car Fuel There are many people who are facing problems with the increase in cost of oil prices all over the world. They did not think when they had purchased their car that the prices of diesel would increase so much. There is an opportunity for such people and the bets way for them… (0 comment)

Solar Powered Cars
Article: Solar Powered Cars Keeping an eye on the distress that is looming ahead of us, most car manufacturers are contemplating on using alternative fuel resources and energies to run their cars of the near future. The fuel resources of the plant are dwindling and might just last for a few decades more. Apart from this… (0 comment)

Subaru And Alternative Car Fuels
Article: Subaru And Alternative Car Fuels Due to the problems created by CO2 emissions and also due to the fact of the dwindling supplies of natural fuel, most car manufacturers are looking towards alternative car fuels for driving their cars. Protecting and taking care of the environment has become an important part of their agenda and… (0 comment)

Subaru Legacy Concept Debuts On Detroit
Article: Subaru Legacy Concept Debuts On Detroit Subaru will unveil to the public the Legacy concept when it joins the 2009 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit this January. The concept car will give car lovers a glimpse of what the car maker has stored for them when it comes to production in 2010.… (0 comment)

Subaru Rally History
Article: Subaru Rally History Most really enthusiasts must have heard of the name Subaru when they glance through the history of car rallying. One will be amazed to note the name of the manufacturers of this car as Fuji Heavy Industries, Japan. The initial name Subaru Rally Historygiven to this car was Mutsuraboshi which means six… (0 comment)

History Of Subaru Cars
Article: History Of Subaru Cars People often claim that they are extremely possessive about their car and yet do not know about its history. The same is the case with the owners of Most Subaru cars. Hardly a few of them know that the name of this Japanese car means “unite”. It was way back during… (0 comment)