BMW i3 Electric City Car With Impressive Acceleration

BMW i3 Electric City Car With Impressive Acceleration
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Article: BMW i3 Electric City Car With Impressive Acceleration

Exhaust emissions are waste products of fuel combustion in internal combustion engines, external combustion engines, and are issued through the engine exhaust system. awareness of the demands on the natural environment and the more dense residential population indirectly Inviting the German manufacturer to attempt to give birth to an idea, creativity and innovation to create a car that is more nimble, agile, and more friendly to the natural environment.

finally a concept that air foresight generate an innovation project an emissions-free car. a car of the future that will give the impression of driving experience and driving will not be forgotten. car carrying the LifeDrive architecture design that ensures comfort and safety for the driver, as well as dynamic design using lightweight materials and sturdy. and free of noise pollution

The electric motor over the rear axle first electric city car BMW can generate power of 130 kilo Watt/170 Horse Power and Maximum torque: 250 Newton Meters impressive. Acceleration speed of 0 reaches 60 km / h also takes under four seconds. This is an impressive pace, not only for electric cars, but also for an urban car

The interior of the BMW i3 is designed to provide comfort through the cabin characteristics resembling the lounge. Interior design gives the impression of vast space, natural fiber coat every instrument panels and other high quality accessories. and doors add to the luxury, as well as four leather seats that provide comfort for the driver and all passengers. Coupled with a luggage capacity of 200 liters, and the aero dynamic design on the outside. BMW i3 ready to realize and fulfill the demands of driving in the daily life

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