Chrysler News: 2013 Srt Viper To Be Launched During The New York Auto Show

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Article: Chrysler News: 2013 Srt Viper To Be Launched During The New York Auto Show

Based on the latest reports, Chrysler is aiming to showcase the new Viper at the 2012 motor show in New York that will start on 4 April.

There is also a loud buzz that there will only be a very limited supply of the 2012 Vipers which also means that the screening for potential owners will be monitored closely by the car manufacturer. And insiders are saying that a buyer must actually own a Dodge Viper before being considered for the new purchase.

Chrysler has confirmed the reactivation of the Conner Avenue factory in Detroit for the production of the Viper. The company will be tapping the 150 employees who once worked in the assembly plant which is really designed just for the Viper built.

The SRT division of the company has renewed vigor under the manage of Fiat as the carmaker wants to get rid of a low-budget image in their market earned under the helm of Daimler in the early part of the past decade.

SRT which stands for Street Racing Technology was established back I 2004 to add some oomph factor to the products of Chrysler.

Chrysler is very careful not to leak any essential information about the upcoming SRT Viper but there are rumors that it will be getting some inspiration from the 8C Competizione of Alfa Romeo for its front end design. Some parties hint that it may get some hints from the second gen GTS.

Fans are looking forward for the SRT Viper to retain the basics in terms of form and style. Viper lovers are also hoping that the V10 will be retained but it might even be made more monstrous than the 8.4L displacement and give out more than the 600 horsepower it is known for.

Other hints include a traction control system put into place for the new Viper and interior styling that may be more on the luxury side. The latter might get some reactions from the purists but buyers of a sports car with a tag price of more than $100K might appreciate a better than usual cabin.

Source: chryslercarblog.net

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