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Fuel Cell Driven Cars

Fuel Cell Driven Cars
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Article: Fuel Cell Driven Cars

At present the fuel needs of humanity is met mainly by the fossil fuel. Automobiles are run by petroleum products. Most of the electric power generation is done by petroleum derivatives. Everyday the demand on petroleum products is going up. One day the petroleum reserve will dry up. Moreover, the gases coming from burning them cause health hazards to mankind. An alternative is hydro-electric power generation. Even though this power is harmless and has renewable source, there is not sufficient water with required pressure head available. Wind energy is another source with no harmful side effects. But that too is limited.

Another source of energy experimented for sometime is burning of hydrogen. It produces only water and hydrogen can be regenerated from water. On the other hand the fossil fuel produces very harmful gases like carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. If this trial is successful we can have a never ending source of energy.

At the moment hydrogen required for the fuel cells is mainly produced by splitting hydrocarbons like fossil fuels and coal with the help steam. But this causes the release of carbon dioxide as a byproduct. So the best choice left is to split water using electricity produced by wind power or hydro power and use the resultant hydrogen in the fuel cells to run automobiles and other machines. It is cost effective in the sense hydrogen and fuel cells can be transported, while power produced in other ways are to be stored in time consuming battery charging.

Source: alternative-car-fuels.co.uk

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