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History Of Subaru Cars

History Of Subaru Cars
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Article: History Of Subaru Cars

People often claim that they are extremely possessive about their car and yet do not know about its history. The same is the case with the owners of Most Subaru cars. Hardly a few of them know that the name of this Japanese car means “unite”. It was way back during the early 1950’s when a group of Japanese companies grouped together to form what was known as Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd., and its automotive division was named Subaru. The first Subaru car, the P-1, was revealed in 1954.

This car had a 4-cylinder engine powering it. Later on the name of this model was changed to “Subaru 1500”. It had a “Y’ type independent suspension and was the first Japanese car to boast a single shell design. Due to paucity of funds and support the sales of this car were suspended. However all these were resolved and in the year 1958, the 360 model of Subaru, which is also known as “The Ladybird” was released. It was named thus because of its shape which resembled a ladybird.

This model became very popular and was produced for twelve years. The glorious history of the Subaru has started and soon the organization also started producing trucks, sedans and station wagons. Nowadays Subaru manufactures wagons, trucks and is a world famous brand. Those who are seeking high-performance cars can check out the WRX STi from the stables of Subaru. This is, in a nutshell, the glorious history of the Subaru.

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