How To Differentiate A Car Based On Its Shape

How To Differentiate A Car Based On Its Shape
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Article: How To Differentiate A Car Based On Its Shape

1. Car with a hatchback type

hatchback-type car is almost similar to the sedan type car. The fundamental difference is in the type of car no its hatchback rear trunk. like the case with the sedan. This car looks a mini or small visible. one example of a hatchback car on the market and looks elegant is the output of the factory Suzuki Swift, Honda Jazz output of the plant, and Yaris output from honda too. and many other examples.

2. Cars by type or Pick-Up/Truck

judging from the definition of its name, has been very clear that this type of car is the type of carrier. on the type of car pick-up is in-specially designed for transporting goods with large capacity.

3. MPV cars or vans with type

MPV itself is a short word of a sentence MultiPurposeVehicle. the type of car that has a design very complex functions. usually much in use as a family car, because can contain many family members. space in the wider part to be able to load a lot of stuff. This car is also usually equipped facilities as multi media entertainment while driving. example MPV type car on the market is a product of the Daihatsu Xenia, then there Avansa products from Toyota. then to the larger category there Alpard toyota output, then the output of the Nissan Serena. and many other examples

4. Car with type SUV

SUV stands for Sporty Utility Vehicle sentence. This car was designed to be able to go through all route. although smooth road or hard road (off-road). in some countries, this type of car is no known off road vehicles. very fundamental difference in SUV type car is on all four of his tires look fine. and the position of the car body on the ground tends to be higher. one example is the Fortuner Honda manufacturing output, and the CR-V, then the output of the Nissan Terrano. Output from manufacturer Ford Escape. as well as many other examples.

5 . Cars with type Station Wagon

The station wagon type car with a first glance, it is similar to a sedan type car. the difference is in the rear trunk. if the sedan type, a separate trunk with passenger space. while the station wagon rear trunk blends with the passenger cabin. vehicle on the type of wagon is also a great choice as a family car. one example is the output of manufacturer Honda Stream and Toyota manufacturing output wish.

6 . Cars with type sedan or salon

special section on the sedan type car has a four door and the presence of the rear trunk. The trunk is outside or separate from the main room. on the type of sedan cars are preferred because it is synonymous with comfort and luxury look. one example is a sedan type car: Audi A4 manufacturing output, C-class Mercedes Benz Manufacturing output, Nissan Teana manufacturing output, manufacturing output Corolla and Toyota Vios. as well as many other examples.

7. Cars by type Coupe

This coupe-type car with difficult to distinguish, because each manufacturer has its own definitions and criteria. plus the development of the automotive world very rapidly. body shape similar to a sedan. however, has a two-door coupe.

but there are several manufacturers that make their own criteria to release a sedan type car four-door coupe. SAE also makes standard to distinguish the coupe with a sedan car. which is based on the volume of the back, SAE requires coupe category should not exceed 0.93 cubic meters.
the development coupe has had several variations, namely: 4-door Coupe, Notchback Coupe, Convertible Coupe, Fastback Coupe, Liftback Coupe.

Source: grandcars.net

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