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Introduction To Alternative Fuels

Introduction To Alternative Fuels
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Article: Introduction To Alternative Fuels

Global warming, preservation of the planet, and alternative fuels seem to be buzzwords of the new millennium. Whether they are just phrases or actual causes moving to improve the condition of the world, there is no doubt that many organizations and people are trying to find fairer, cleaner ways to live. But what exactly is “alternative fuel” and why is finding alternative fuels so important to the world’s preservation? And does finding alternatives always go hand in hand with preservation?

To answer some of these questions, we must first define the meaning of “alternative fuels”. Simply put, it is the search for fuels other than gas, kerosene and diesel. And while the most altruistic reason for discovering or manufacturing new fuels is the reduction of pollution and smog, and cleaning up our environment, there are many other excellent reasons to change fuels.

  • Politically, countries are far better off when they produce their own commodities. In the wake of many wars and political leverage, it does not make sense that most of the world depends on the gas supply of one or two nations. Domestically produced alternative fuels would give countries the opportunity to support themselves and not rely solely on other nations.
  • Cheaper pricing is a big reason to forward the agenda of alternative fuels. Gasoline is at an all time high and many families are struggling to make ends meet. The summer has seen a major drop in tourism due to the high gas prices and winter is on the way, which will lead to more hardship when families cannot afford to heat their homes.
  • Alternative fuels may provide more fuel efficient vehicles.

Whatever the reason for finding alternate fuels, research and development should be top priority.

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