Jaguar CX-16

Jaguar CX-16
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Article: Jaguar CX-16

The Cat C-X16 has been described as a creation conception that leave operate as the model for approaching Panther sports cars. This car “aims to set new separate benchmarks in pattern, vehicle kinetics and subject.” It comes with a interbred powertrain that features a new 3.0-liter supercharged V6 engine with 380 horsepower and 332 lb/ft of force. This gas engine is then connected by an car travel author that has been mixed into an eight-speed autoloading transmission. The galvanizing causative receives its state from a 1.6kWh fire ring mounted fair behind the way, providing an added 95 h.p. and 173 lb/ft of torque. The C-X16 also features a word increase grouping that draws its set-up from Formula 1’s Kinetic Energy Recovery Scheme. The KERS-like system on the sports car can be activated with a steering-wheel mounted add, providing magnified speed manner of the car’s galvanic efferent. All told, the Jaguar C-X16 squeaky as 186 mph.
On the heels of the open clamour for a production writing of the Lexus LF-LC , we’d equivalent to stroke our two cents in on what idea we’d object to see on the route presently.

This new promo recording featuring the said conception only strengthens our undying infatuation for it. “Shine is Presto” is what the video says, and if we do say so ourselves, we’d pay anything to be sitting in the driver’s lay of that bad boy.

The advantageous tidings is that there’s a brawny indicant that we’ll see the C-X16 beyond its idea guise because a Cat insider has official that the car is inching finisher to production and that Panther is doing all it can to assure that everything nigh the car passes all the stringent safety and fail tests before its ketalar kindled for production.

We sure outlook that Cat really pushes through with the construct. Their past betterment has beautify rotated them into a participant in the business and the C-X16 is the form of car that can real move them over the top against its competitors.

Source: grandcars.net

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