McLaren MP4-12C

McLaren MP4-12C
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Article: McLaren MP4-12C
This time is a competitor of aston martin V12 vantage S. companies McLaren MP4-12C has been released. also compete with the Ferrari 458. sit side by side also with lamborghini Huracan. they all are vehicles which are able to provide for its own acceleration and exotic luxury car lovers. innovations offered on this car is the change in strength compared to the previous production. as well as some other minor accessories.
classification engine on the car McLaren MP4-12C is that it has installed double turbocharger capable of producing six hundred and sixteen horsepower. McLaren MP4-12 is the latest, it is able to perform a change of pace to reach forty miles/hours in 3.1 seconds period. the number of facilities torque at 443 lb-ft. special about this car is change the sound display designed for the driver to be able to feel the power of the engine power is issued. The sound will provide sensation if you try to drive it. This car provides seven transmission.
Outerwear majority McLaren MP4-12C wearing carbon-fiber materials, as well as aluminum which makes it weighs only about 176 pouds. it is this which is also behind the naming of “C” which is short of the word “carbon”. The car is also available in some luxury accessories. as well as high quality audio sound system. collaborate with a seven inch monitor.


Source: grandcars.net

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