New Volkswagen Beetle GRC Was Release

New Volkswagen Beetle GRC Was Release
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Article: New Volkswagen Beetle GRC Was Release

Are You still remember with a new car manufacturer Volkswagen released a few months ago? yes you are right, a few months ago volkswagen car company has just released a new car called the Beetle Dune . do not just stop there, the company has now released their latest car. a very short time, it is very hard to believe?
with the name “New Volkswagen Beetle GRC”, present in the beetle family. The youngest car in the beetle family, able to attract the eye of the beholder when it was released in 2014 this Chichago, titled Chicago Auto Show.

specially designed cars, will be ridden by Scott Speed ​​and Tanner Faust. special car that will go down in the tournament “World Rally Championship” coupled with the Polo R WRC. cool cars from the beetle family is the first car in the VW beetle type that was involved in the event. The planned start date of five to start with 8 June 2014. with a horsepower of 560 hp, this car will spur wheels in austin texas.

Source: grandcars.net

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