Porsche 911 2014

Porsche 911 2014
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Article: Porsche 911 2014

Porsche 911 2014 is the latest release which is the seventh generation of all Porsche which was released to the market. always innovating from time to time and continue to improve performance, performance, and appearance. things like that that cause car porsche always reborn. filling the collection and love of sports car aficionados.

cars Porsche 911 gets additional power from the turbocharged two further supports the strength of his horsepower. speed changes can be made ​​with seven speed transmission. cooperate with the unified Twin turbo engine type H-16 premium unleaded.

On some of the outward appearance, the car was doing some changes. including the reduction of car weight, wider design. Led lighting technology that uses a box that gives the impression of more dynamic. navigation facilities to better control at high speed. seating capacity for four passengers available. style body shape of this car is a convertible

Source: grandcars.net

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