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Subaru And Alternative Car Fuels

Subaru And Alternative Car Fuels
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Article: Subaru And Alternative Car Fuels

Due to the problems created by CO2 emissions and also due to the fact of the dwindling supplies of natural fuel, most car manufacturers are looking towards alternative car fuels for driving their cars. Protecting and taking care of the environment has become an important part of their agenda and most manufacturers are looking at alternative means to drive their cars.

It is the same with the reputed Japanese car Subaru and they too are interested in protecting the environment and keeping this in mind they are manufacturing cars that are fuel-efficient. Owners of Subaru will be pleased to know that the manufacturers of this car have achieved a record of sorts by being the first auto manufacturing plant that recycles all material that are wasted during manufacturing. All such wastes are recycled and nothing goes into a landfill. Subaru is credited with manufacturing cars that are the most fuel efficient.

Then there are the Forester, Outback and Legacy models that are manufactured by Subaru which are classified as PZEV (partial zero emission vehicles). These cars meet the stringent super ultra low emission vehicle exhaust emission standard laid down by the State of California. Owners of Subaru will be proud to know that in certain smoggy urban areas, the output of Subaru’s PZEV vehicles exhaust is actually cleaner than the smog in the atmosphere. The EPA (environment protection agency) of the U.S. has also certified Subaru’s PZEV vehicles as environment friendly. What more needs one say?

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