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Subaru Rally History

Subaru Rally History
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Article: Subaru Rally History

Most really enthusiasts must have heard of the name Subaru when they glance through the history of car rallying. One will be amazed to note the name of the manufacturers of this car as Fuji Heavy Industries, Japan. The initial name Subaru Rally Historygiven to this car was Mutsuraboshi which means six stars. All famous cars have their own rally history and the case is no different with that of the Subaru. If one checks the rally history of this car, they will find that the first entry was way back in 1982.

The second appearance for this car was in 1984 at the WRC and the team for this rally had their boss Noreyuki Koseki as the nucleus. For the uninitiated, Koseki was the boss of the STI department of Sabaru. STI means Subaru Technica International. In these two races, the car met with no successes because of their lack of both performance and reliability. Down the years Subaru had a number of famous stars in their lineup including Sekhar Mehta, Ari Vatanen, Mike Kirkland, Per Eklund, Harald Demuth and Possum Bourne.

Even the presence of these star drivers could not change the fortune of Subaru in the rallies. It was only in 1990 that the scenario changed over completely when the Legacy model was launched by Subaru and the company handed over their rally program to the UK based private team, Prodrive. Irrespective of all this, the Subaru had to wait till NZ 1993 to show off its true colors.

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